OPITO deploys a new set of courses to train recruits for renewable energy

The new set of courses will be the first paces for the company into renewable energy, putting it at the entry point to low carbon energy operations. The project will inform the absorption of offshore wind energy and solar energy to activate their reception and dependence as the best clean energy sources for the next three decades. OPITO outlined that wind energy projects will absorb close to 30000 employees in the UK, a statistic that will grow to exceed millions before the end of the upcoming three decades.

OPITO is a platform that offers learners the chance to select products from a variety to make them versatile in skills to work in a variety of sectors like manufacturing, research and construction. Additionally, a BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) program aligns the people with venturing new jobs in the renewable energy sector.

OPITO also offers short courses for employees and technicians who are in the offshore wind industry to make them knowledgeable in the new trends. The agency provides personnel training to save the renewable sector the cost of training its recruits. Theoretically, skilled engineers undergo practical training in their fields like electrical engineering while teaching them to be ready for technological changes. Additionally, the courses offered by OPITO enable the engineers to acquire licenses authorizing them to start their renewable energy projects and pilot programs.

OPITO reported that it is cushioning the UK and Scottish governments’ efforts to widen their market and prepare the employees for climate change activities. Additionally, the agency facilitates the industry’s energy security and distribution of renewable energy through the skill impartment programs. The head of OPITO, John McDonald, boasted that his agency has been instrumental in training employees for skilled jobs in the renewable energy sector and working in marginalized regions and remote environments with many hindrances. 

McDonald stated that they are preparing employees to fit in the new renewable energy mix. The employees will be ready to work in different units without fear of skill-insufficiency. Many organizations look for versatile employees who understand renewable energy. The new short courses will make the employees who have been in the traditional energy sector to acclimatize to the recent energy trends.

Finally, OPITO intends to collaborate with Humberside Offshore Training Association (HOTA), Petrofac, and Vulcan Training & Consultancy to offer students products in their respective countries. Additionally, Actemium Oil and Gas Training is also entering the renewable energy sector to remain relevant in the industry.