The Preparations for Waging Space Wars in Real Life 

Fighting a war in space seems far fetched like it is straight from a Sci-Fi movie. Initially, conceptual ideas of battles in outer space only ended up on screens as entertainment. In films, the crew uses Computer Graphics Interface (CGI) to build up the space environment. Space ships for battle, the futuristic weapons, space gears, aliens, etc. are all computer-generated. Not many people can imagine all these concepts happening in real life: even space enthusiasts, technology experts, and die-hard fans of space movies. 

However, the concept does not end on screens; humanity prepares for real-life space battles. Gen. John Raymond, the United States Space Force director, warned that the space battles in lower Earth orbit would happen sooner than anticipated. The impending space war relies on technologies in development. The conflicts in space will steep the Earthly civilization on the surface of the planet. General Raymond said that they are making efforts to deter the occurrence of space wars.

Nonetheless, when they fail to prevent the world from going in war, the battles will happen at high speeds and extend great distances. Gen. Raymond made the statement as the space operations director during a virtual presentation conducted by the Air Force Association for 2020’s Cyber Security, Air Control, and Space Technology Conference. Gen. Raymond announced the new security measures that the Space Force plans to prepare for space battles. The strategic plan includes acquiring a new system developed to adapt, incorporate, and utilize the innovative space technologies emerging from the private sector. The integration will help the acquisition system function efficiently. 

The plan implements new multi-national partnerships with military agencies and state governments of countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada. The collaborations will help coordinate and manage satellite surveillance operations, alongside setting policies and regulations for sharing information from satellite data. Gen. Raymond said that no nation stands a chance to win the modern space conflict without harnessing space power capabilities. 

Many state governments and military institutions are not confident of victory in case space wars break soon. Nations with advanced space technologies, including ground-based control stations, will stand a chance at waging war in Earth’s lower orbit. The US Space Force responds to the call for developing relevant technologies that will give the United States an upper hand in the space battles through its state-of-the-art warfighting services. 

In conclusion, the Space Force continues to fund projects that enhance the US military’s victory chances. The projects include the development of a secured satellite communications network for transmission of military information and commands. The Space Force invests in innovative systems that boost its military network’s cybersecurity against hijackers and hackers.