SpaceX’s Crew-1 crew called the new Dragon capsule “Resilience”

The upcoming members to board the Crew-1 Dragon capsule decided to name the spacecraft “Resilience” instead of a past or future name. The NASA astronauts came up with this name and advised the control center to address it this way in any call they make back to the station. 

Hopkins, Glover, Walker, and Noguchi expressed their excitement in naming the space vehicle “Resilience.” The four astronauts unanimously announced this in their briefing at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The astronauts stated that the name recounts the previous problems that both SpaceX and NASA experienced before reopening launching services from the American soil.

Additionally, the name “Resilience” reflects how challenging this year has been with things like the coronavirus pandemic, economic strain, and social distancing, impeding the completion of operations on time. Nevertheless, NASA and SpaceX have proceeded with the Crew Dragon spacecraft’s development and the test flights leading to the International Space Station’s final mission.

Hopkins revealed that the name is like respect to SpaceX, NASA, the astronauts, and other stakeholders who have been instrumental in the mission’s progression throughout the challenging situations. Crew-1 astronauts will be the second mission under NASA after the successful Demo-2 mission, which was a prelude to how this one would unfold. Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley named the Demo-2 spacecraft “Endeavour” immediately they came into orbit with the first Crew Dragon capsule.

The crew-1 mission will first enter the International Space Station in two decades since the first spacecraft made its journey to the station. The Resilience will depart from the Kennedy Space Center via Falcon 9 rocket to make the same strides that the rocket made when commuting on the Demo-2 mission.

The astronauts started coining names for the spacecraft before they came to Resilience as the final name. The astronauts agreed on Resilience after analyzing the new normal and what has perpetrated its development. 

Additionally, the emblem represents the US spaceflight programs’ transitions from cumbersome and traditional to advanced and straightforward, phasing out the racial differences among the astronauts. Hopkins explained that the emblem is a view of all the people who participated in this mission’s success. It reflects the Resilience of the engineers, technicians, directors, operators, and stakeholders to facilitate the completion of the spacecraft and upgrades to the final stage of deploying the rocket to space. To conclude, the astronauts stated that the name and the emblem symbolize people’s capacity to push through all the challenges and make vital productions.