Space Force members will likely make the lunar mission if NASA favours them

The inauguration of the US Space Force last year has seen Rumors that the agency will send people to the moon in a few years. Nevertheless, NASA has declared that any of the Space Force officials or members intending to make the lunar mission on its flights must undertake astronaut exams and training before becoming viable for selection. Gen. David D. Thompson, the chief of technology at Space Force, was adamant to reveal the possibility of numerous vehicles docking on the moon to fulfil the Rumors. He said that they follow strict procedures to prevent unwarranted human spaceflight programs that might not be true.

Space Force stated that it is ready to witness more missions to the moon by the military if prepared to take action. Thompson explained that they would not limit the moon’s accessibility provided that the missions heading there do not collide and cause accidents. Thompson cleared the rumors that they are sending Space Force troops to space and the moon, saying that any mission will have to go through NASA and not in espionage tactics.

However, Thompson explained that they would openly declare they are sending personnel to the moon on their terms when they have the capacity. This statement would mean that they no longer trust NASA or they are determining the speed at which they can offer emergency services to their military in space. Washington was unhappy about this statement terming it an uncalled revelation that the agency was keeping a secret. The news raised concerns over the intentions of the US in venturing to the moon. Some critics see this move as an unwarranted control of the moon.

However, the US Space Force chief executive, Gen. John Raymond, stated that their goal of venturing the moon is to prevent accidents and wars. He said that they would be working with NASA to advance the space exploits without necessarily involving the military. Space Force admitted that they would be supporting NASA to identify technology they can use to spread their resources and explore the highest orbital paths that remained unexplored. He revealed that they hope to go past the GEO orbit and identify more entities in the cosmos.

The deputy chief of operations at Space Force, Lt. Gen. William Liquori, explained that their primary connection in such missions is to secure the exploits and take credit for what they have discovered.  To conclude, Liquori explained that they wouldn’t interfere with the exploits that other countries are pursuing to maintain peace. He added that they would come in when they are negotiating the exploration of similar pathways or orbits.