Fortescue intends to compete aggressively with fossil fuel companies by venturing into renewable energy

Fortescue Metals Group intends to start competing with the fossil fuel energy industry by introducing green energy into the market. The company is planning to launch into the deep of renewable energy and receive the cost advantage equal to Chevron’s fossil fuel companies. The chairperson of Fortescue Metals Group, Andrew Forrest, explained through a virtual interview that they would be exploring the renewable energy industry with their Fortescue Future Industries section. 

Andrew Forrest emphasized in his discussion with the company’s shareholders that the scientific and commercial evaluation of Earth’s green energy potential displayed it can meet the electricity demands of everyone on the planet. The chairman is happy that Fortescue Future Industries can serve the company’s urge to remain relevant in the energy industry by bringing in new technologies. The company is renowned for manufacturing iron in its purest form.

Fortescue Future Industries will look into the hydrogen and ammonia plants to generate renewable energy and supply it to the market. Forrest explained that they intend to deliver 235 GW of renewable energy and surpass Chevron’s capacity to bring into the energy sector. This move would inspire investors to start investing in renewables and not shy away. Forrest revealed that his team has been touring various countries and securing patents and intellectual rights to supply renewable energy and install plants to generate this clean energy. 

Forrest emphasized that they will modify the strategies they used to popularize Fortescue and finance all the projects for FFI. This move will strengthen the branch and expose it to private investors to cash into their programs. The development and implementation of the programs will align the company for success in the renewable energy sector.

Forrest is optimistic that Fortescue will break-even in hydrogen and ammonia green energy technology, inspiring other companies to join this race. Additionally, they will be able to neutralize the problem of climate change arising from greenhouse gas emissions. Forrest insisted in his elevator pitching that they would consider those strategies that worked out well for Fortescue and implement them in FFI for immense success in the renewable energy industry. 

Forrest named various projects like the Pilbara energy program, steel making, and fertilizer production to cushion FFI against financial crises. Nevertheless, Fortescue’s chief executive, Elizabeth Gaines, stated that the FFI objectives are still under analysis to prevent the branch from becoming a target for its rivals. In conclusion, the chief executive reiterated that they are yet to make any financial decision towards this project. This move will give them time to review it and cost it appropriately.