The best electric cars for family errands in 2021

Initially, the idea of manufacturing electric vehicles was a scarce topic in the automotive industry. Currently, there are numerous brands from which the consumers can choose. This trend has facilitated the affordability of these vehicles and accelerated their uptake by consumers. Additionally, smart battery technology has made this transition possible. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best electric vehicles that can suit families in terms of going for field trips and other outdoor events. First, we have the Kia e-Niro electric vehicle. This model goes for an affordable price of £35000 with a 64kWh battery pack.

Moreover the vehicle can cover 230 miles before requiring a recharge. Many years ago, this kind of range would be more expensive, mostly going with the Tesla brand. The e-Niro electric vehicle is on the list because of its mileage range, low price, and comfortability for the drivers. The electric vehicle is spacious, moving with tenacity and a sense of accomplishment. 

Volkswagen intends to reinvigorate itself in the industry with the ID3 model. This move comes after the Dieselgate model receiving backlash with the transition to electric vehicles. The ID3 model will be leading the path of this transition with market penetration and vehicle usability that Volkswagen is looking forward to enjoying. This model has a rear motor running 201bhp on with enough cabin space. Currently, there are two battery sizes developed according to customer requirements. The first battery model has a 58kWh pack and covers 261 miles on a single charge. The other model comes with a 77kWh pack and moves along 340 miles before a recharge. The ID 3 models go for an affordable price of £30000. 

Next is the Kia Soul electric vehicle, a crossover model that is gracing the European markets. It utilizes a little more significant powertrain than that of e-Niro with a mileage range equal to 280 miles and a 64kWh battery. The car goes for £33795 in the UK, where it receives incentives. The car’s styling is more attractive than that of e-Niro, although they appear to complement each other with the differences they command. The next model is Hyundai Kona electric, which boasts a mileage range of 300 and an affordable price of £30000 with the company developed it, recording some extensive profits on its introduction into the market. 

The other model gracing the automotive industry and attractive for family exploits is the Volkswagen ID4. It is a sizeable model whose development was supposed to help Volkswagen regain its position in the automotive industry. The problem with the model is that battery positioning hinders the backbenchers from enjoying comfort. The model covers 324 miles before requiring a recharge. The car operates for £59950.

Additionally, there is the famous Nissan Leaf model. The car became the most affordable model over time, with a mileage range between 170 and 200 miles. Rhe advanced models have more power and accelerating torque than the beginner models, with the developers of the model reshaping the interior to meet their customers’ demands. Next, we have the MG 5 SW EV model, a Chinese model that goes for £24495. The battery has been proven to cover 160 miles in a single charge, with the advanced models exceeding 200 miles. Finally, we have the Volvo XC40 Recharge P8, Citroën e-C4, and Peugeot e-2008. The first mdoel runs for 260 miles before a recharge reaching 62 mph in less than 5 seconds and runs for £59985. The Citroën covers 217 miles with a 50kWh battery capacity and goes for £29180. The last model is a Peugeot that covers 193 miles and is a comfortable ride for families moving within the distance or towns with enough recharge utilities.