United Arab Emirates landfill field to hold solar 120MW

A Masdar-backed firm is constructing a 120 MW solar plant in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) on a landfill field. Emirates Waste to Energy Firm, a joint project between Masdar and Bee’ah. It will develop a green energy facility near the Sharjah Waste to the Energy facility as well as Bee’ah’s waste treatment center on top of the Bee’ah’s Al Sa’jah wasteland. The solar landfill scheme will be implemented in three stages, completing the first phase expected in the year 2023. Khaled Al Huraimel, group Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah as well as chairman of Emirates Waste to Energy Firm, and the Masdar Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi collectively confirmed the deal.

Al Ramahi stated: “In the Gulf Cooperation Council zone, waste is an increasing issue.” “This initiative, however, illustrates how we can be able to use shut landfills to produce renewable energy while promoting the clean energy ambitions of the United Arab Emirates and UN Sustainable Development Goals at the same time.”We are optimistic this venture can become a reference for the region’s other landfill sites.”

Owing to strict environmental management and remediation standards that can span up to thirty years, seeking viable uses for shut landfills is a global industry challenge. The redevelopment of the landfill into the solar farm would lead to Sharjah’s green energy production and is both economically and environmentally advantageous. The funding, planning, procurement and construction would be responsible for it. Within the terms of the leasing arrangement, the corporation will also offer operating and repair facilities for a 25-year duration.

Bee’ah is expected to open the first waste-to-energy plant, which is multi-fuel, in Sharjah in the year 2021, which will handle more than 300,000 tons of urban solid waste each year during its first phase and also have a power generation capability of approximately 30 MW. The scheme is being built in collaboration with Abu Dhabi’s Masdar clean energy company which will help the city reach 100% landfill waste disposal.

In January 2017, the UAE unveiled a comprehensive “Energy Strategy 2050.” More than $163 billion was allocated by UAE to achieve its target of increasing the share of clean energy supplies to 50 percent (44 percent renewable and 6 percent nuclear) of the overall power mix by the year 2050. This coincides with the strategic plan of the UAE’s Vision 2021 to produce 27% of its energy needs from sustainable sources, including nuclear energy, targeted at: nuclear: 6%, clean coal: 12%, gas: 38% and renewable energy: 44%.