Solar Farms in Portsmouth

A solar power plant is an open land with many mounted solar cells to produce electricity for an area’s powered grid. Solar panels are globally recognized and could be as minimal as one hectare or as broad as 1200 acres. Regardless of whether the farm is big or small photovoltaic power will significantly benefit the land. The decrease in energy costs is among the prime factors for solar panel construction in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Solar energy both lowers the cost of electricity and raises the benefit because one can no longer spend a lot on resources. By claiming 30 percent of the value as a federal tax credit, users can also minimize costs.

In the long run, solar power also provides financial benefits. Over the years, energy prices begin to increase and even become difficult to manage. However, users are locking in electricity bills with solar energy. With solar energy, users won’t have to worry too much about growing utilities in the coming years.  Users will also have an improved property value from solar power if they ever wish to sell their property. Since users choose to use various equipment choices and be comfortable with 25-year equipment guarantees, solar power systems would most probably be in excellent condition.

On the other hand, in an August mail to town councilors, Morgan stated that Portsmouth is “on the wrong side of history” concerning citywide green energy, considering its position as an eco-municipality. The coal-fired Merrimack Station mostly operates Portsmouth’s homes and companies at Granite Shore in Bow and the gas-fired project of Critical Power in Newington, he wrote. “The recent $126 million development by Eversource upgrades from Mad bury to Portsmouth to the transmission corridor demonstrates the industry’s intention to keep the community reliable on fossil fuel well into the future.

To reverse the course, Morgan suggested that the city’s zoning ordinance should allow a five-acre solar farm to be installed across the city. By changing the zoning law, Portsmouth will experience many benefits, including lucrativeness for the property owner, diversifying energy sources, efficiency in severe weather events. Above all, greenhouse emissions will not be released into the atmosphere by fossil fuel. Likewise, Morgan also wrote that suppose the climate effects are not managed. The devastation and difficulties caused by COVID 19 are a hint of the cascading disasters that will affect our future children.