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Wisconsin City, as well as its school district, set targets for 100% use of renewable power by 2040

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) today submitted an application with Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSCW) for authorization of an arrangement for an eight-megawatt (MW) solar array in Madison to affiliate with Madison City and the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD). If authorized, the electricity produced by this local clean energy source would expand the usage of green […]


Japan’s concern of carbon neutrality: Additional nuclear plants or more renewables?

With Japan committed to being carbon neutral by the year 2050, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s administration is wrestling with core concerns on undertaking near-term steps to meet the long-term target. In turn, that has sparked a debate about whether the best way to deliver clean, stable, reliable, and green energy supplies by the mid of century is […]


India offers a helping hand to its Neighbor Bhutan through Space Training

India and Bhutan are a clear indication of the greatness that comes about once two countries choose to collaborate to better their states. On one hand, India has been pushing for a ‘neighborhood first’ policy. Bhutan being a neighbor in need, so one can’t imagine a better way for India to act on the policy. […]


Chemical research can reshape clean energy technology to its finest quality

The sun’s energy in one year surpasses the non-renewable energy that could be developed in the same period. Although the technology of tapping this solar energy has grown tremendously, the challenge is the storage of this energy and its distribution. These two variables have hindered the massive exploration of solar power. Nevertheless, researchers at the […]


Lockheed Martin is optimistic that the Aerojet contract will be accepted

In December 2020, Lockheed Martin signed a deal to buy Aerojet Rocketdyne for $4.4 billion. Aerojet Rocketdyne is a US company that manufactures rocket and missile propulsion systems. Lockheed Martin is a security, defense, and aerospace company that work with the Department of Defense (DoD), NASA, and other commercial agencies. This deal is yet to […]


Beyond exits: Founders look back on the creation and sale of startups in space

In recent commercial space property purchases, entrepreneurs have primarily stayed with the companies they founded or gone on to join new space agencies. Doug Campbell, who serves as the co-founder of Roccor, and Scott Larson, who co-was the co-founder of a space company named UrtheCast and Helios Wire, are two exceptions. Since their startups were bought, both […]


US Government to Approve Provision for Renewable Energy

The US congress current faces a decision-making conundrum over budgetary alignment concerning renewable energy prospects. Last Monday saw Congress passing an energy bill that included spending $35 billion in Pakistani over research and renewable energy development. Likewise, the bill also included tax exemptions, the provision for an additional yeah wind power and another two-year extension […]


The best electric cars for family errands in 2021

Initially, the idea of manufacturing electric vehicles was a scarce topic in the automotive industry. Currently, there are numerous brands from which the consumers can choose. This trend has facilitated the affordability of these vehicles and accelerated their uptake by consumers. Additionally, smart battery technology has made this transition possible. In this article, we’ll be […]


NASA to Postpone Orion Electronics Unit Repair

NASA will not patch a defective Orion spacecraft electronics device successfully finished for the Artemis 1 mission despite deciding that the overall system was sufficiently redundant. NASA reported in a December 17 announcement that it had agreed to be used as is among the 8 spacecraft amounts of data units (PDUs) on the Orion spacecraft to […]


Why wind and solar power help to improve power production around the world

Worldwide, we are heading towards the use of even more sources of renewable energy, thus reducing coal reliance. For some of the major nations in the world, this is particularly so. This attempt is showing to be effective in overcoming the unhealthy air quality situation. Countries such as Britain, Germany, and Australia, for instance, have […]